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  1. an inscription placed at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts relative to its production
  2. an identifying device used by a printer or publisher

Marriam-Webster OnLine

There is quite a bit of software involved in the operation of this website, and it's only reasonable that I give a bit of credit to the projects that made it possible for me to participate in this little self-indulgent bit of naval-gazing. :-)

I wrote this blog using Django; almost everything you interact with here flows through it in some manner. The source code for this blog is available in my svn repository, if that's your kind of thing, and licensed under the same BSD license that Django is.
This is what I use for managing some of the photos I take. Despite how good the software is, it still can't make my pictures look any better, sorry. (Not all of my photograhy is kept here, though; I use Flickr as well.)
The Gimp
See the pretty pictures? I make/edit/mangle them with Gimp.
Fedora Linux
If one must run a website, one must have an operating system for the hardware it's running on. I run Linux because I'm a geek. I run Fedora because I use Red Hat's enterprise products in my day job, and you should always eat your own dogfood.
lighttpd web server
I have fairly tight memory constraints, so lighttpd is pretty tough to beat. The out-of-the-box support for FastCGI is rather handy too.
Rather than try to run this out of my spare bedroom anymore, I made the jump to a virtual server at Slicehost. It's tough to beat the price for the service and availability I've received so far.